Mediation Testimonials

“Claudia Viera successfully mediated a class action dispute to full settlement.  Her command of the issues and facts was outstanding, as was her ability to educate the parties and their counsel on the merits of settlement, including in an objective, compelling, and systematic cost benefit manner.  My client and I were particularly impressed with her litigation risk assessment methodologies and her temperament.  Ms. Viera is an excellent mediator that I would not hesitate to recommend.”

                                                                                 - Partner in a San Francisco business law firm

"I retained Ms. Viera as a mediator in three separate employment lawsuits within the past two years.  With her extensive background in employment-related litigation, Ms. Viera clearly understood the complex matters at issue in my cases.  She was able to help my clients and me gain a better perspective toward the risks and benefits of settlement.  Two of these matters settled during mediation and the third one settled later for terms recommended at mediation by Ms. Viera. Ms. Viera’s Spanish skills were critical in two of these cases.  She was able to converse with my monolingual Spanish-speaking clients and to explain the mediation process to them in terms they understood.  They found Ms. Viera to be knowledgeable, helpful, friendly and very patient. I strongly recommend Claudia Viera as a mediator, and look forward to working with her in the future."

                                                                                         - San Francisco Employment Rights Attorney

"Ms. Viera is the best EEOC mediator I have used. Her experience as both plaintiff and defense counsel seem to give her insights into each side’s thinking and valuations that made this case settle. Her personal commitment to resolving not only the financial but also the personal issues achieved justice for everybody." 

                                                                                                                - Plaintiff Employment Attorney

"An outstanding mediator." 

                       - Defense Employment Attorney

Conflict Resolution Training (1-day) 

“You were excellent today!  You are a natural at this.  You are able to convey useful information in a way that’s easy to understand.  You don’t do it by showing off your skills, you do it by making us show off ours.  Your exercises are so appropriate and really drive home the learning. 

I received great feedback from the participants.  One person said it was eye-opening for him.  He really didn’t realize how poorly he listened and how damaging that could be to relationships. You are simply outstanding at communicating this course.  I can really see the benefit to everyone to have these skills, not just managers. Thank you so much for your outstanding work!”

                           - Brytain Ashford, Vice President, Human Resources, The California Endowment 

Training Evaluation Comments

"Beautifully executed, organized, presented, designed. Well balanced in teaching and role playing. Plenty of space for people to express feelings." 

"Exciting, provacative, thorough, tightly run."

"Very well organized, well structured, good balance between theory and practice, emulating participation, high standard of participants."

"Awesome, heartfelt, deep and very useful."

"Very demanding emotionally and intellectually, but well worth the effort. I enjoy being challenged by new ideas."

"She makes the space safe for us to be together talking and helps us get past blocks."

"It was an excellent program which pushed me to where I needed to go next in my practice. I really appreciated Claudia’s contributions." - Mediation program participant

"The presentation format enabled lively, honest discussion in the group. I thought it was interesting and informative." Harassment Prevention program participant

"This class was excellent. I would recommend it to everyone who is doing the certificate program. I think it should be required instead of an elective. The instructor was excellent." - SFSU Student