Facilitation Bio


Resolve Divisive Issues. Since 2001, Ms. Viera has focused on mediating employment, team and management disputes. Ms. Viera works with organizations to develop customized approaches to resolution of internal conflict and to assist departmental teams in resolving divisive issues. She also works with individual team members to assist them in working together better. She specializes in working with employees after a complaint has been made to bring greater unity to the individuals and the team.

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Utilizing her training expertise in communication and mediation, she partners with organizations to mediate meetings, facilitate team discussions and create resolution processes which reflect the department’s internal values and needs. Ms. Viera has also trained entire workforces on conflict resolution skills.

At our organization, we had two ambitious rising stars who, after an unfortunate disagreement during a meeting, dug in their heels and refused to communicate - continuing to blame each other. After a few attempts to resolve the situation informally and to move-on, I decided to send them to professional mediation with Claudia. Today, both employees are “best friends” and have developed a better working relationship than they had before. In addition, the entire agency is, and will be benefitting, from the advanced communication skills they both learned, as we are developing a communication training for the management team. Initially, I didn’t want to spend the money - but all involved have benefitted from their work in mediation and it was worth the cost. Thank you, Claudia
— David K., Executive Director, San Francisco

Workplace Mediation Expertise

Ensure Effective Teams. Ms. Viera has successfully mediated with many departments to resolve disputes and alter challenging interpersonal dynamics.  She has extensive experience with pre-litigation disputes between supervisors and employees with long-term conflicts. Her most recent legal mediation work includes partnership dissolutions, non-profit management facilitations, race harassment and discrimination, sex discrimination/harassment, disability discrimination and wrongful termination. Ms. Viera also mediates in Spanish.

She draws on her years of mediation training and legal experience as an employment attorney with Littler Mendelson, the largest employment and labor law firm in the nation, to promote effective communication and increased understanding between parties in conflict. 

Ms. Viera works actively with all parties to help them achieve a better resolution than they would achieve through grievance procedures or court.  Ms. Viera believes that exploration below the surface of the dispute is often necessary to reach resolutions that have lasting value to her clients.