Approach to Mediation

Productive. Ms. Viera supports parties and their attorneys in having productive discussions to resolve their cases. She focuses on eliciting and clarifying each side’s positions and then works closely to identify the interests and underlying concerns of each party. She helps attorneys and parties craft proposals for resolution which meet the needs of both sides and, thus, are more likely to resolve the dispute and end the litigation.  Ms. Viera’s more than 15 years of experience make her a solid choice to mediate your dispute.

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Flexible. The mediation process is flexible and Ms. Viera assists both sides in customizing a process that will work best for their dispute. This might include separate sessions with the mediator or joint sessions in which all sides meet together to discuss the impact of the dispute on them. Ms. Viera believes that exploration below the surface of the dispute is often necessary to reach resolutions that have lasting value to her clients.

Cost Effective. Ms. Viera encourages true cost benefit analysis of litigation alternatives as she works to orient clients toward settlement. She also promotes effective communication and increased understanding between parties through empathetic listening.  

In addition to mediating legal disputes, Ms. Viera mediates internal workplace disputes and other types of conflict. For information on Ms. Viera’s work with divorcing couples in mediation, please email to request this information.